Why choosing BAI

Our philosophy is to develop a close relationship with our esteemed partners for mutual benefit and long term relationship. And we do our utmost to adapt our products to the higher requirements, that how Borg Al Arab for Industry (BAI) has succeeded so far to establish commercial relationship with several countries throughout the world such as Lebanon, Jordan, Greece, Australia, Brazil and others.

In fact, the location of our plant near the harbor of Alexandria�gave us a lot of facilitates.The client can take the advantage of the agreement done by the Arab League by reducing the customs cost. He can also benefits from all tariff reduction and all trade agreement between Arab countries and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) in particular total exemption from import duties for Lebanon and Libya and reduction by half of import duties for all other countries of the Arab League.

As BAI holds a good reputation in the Egyptian and Arab market, other companies in the same field requested us to extract, refine and bottling oil for them, which led to the augmentation of our productivity.

The company, with these facilities and its relation, succeeded in a very short time to reach an export level of almost 50% of its productivity compared to 25% in 2002 and 8% in 2001. The company aims to increase this percentage in the next few years.

Local Market

Due to facilities provided by Egypt's ministry of Foreign Trade and the industrial development policy implemented by the Egyptian Authorities in Borg Al-Arab industrial zone, BAI has rapidly been expanded. The city infrastructure and its international airport were, in fact, beneficial to the BAI's plant, a matter which led to the rapid growth of the company's different activities.

One of the most important advantages of BAI that it deals with several required activities in the market. It produces Soya, corn and sunflower as well as crushing seeds, refining and bottling oil. It also enables BAI to react and respond quickly against the market changes and small clients' specific needs that may be not as such attraction to larger competitors.

These advantages, combined with the high quality of BAI products and the competitive production coast, allowed the company to easily increase its sales to full capacity.

Situated in Borg Al-Arab city is another advantage. BAI profits of the low tariffs and taxes which give BAI a significant competitive advantage on the domestic market level and facilitates its import and export procession.

In an attempt to increase our production rate a promotional campaign is being carried out via newspaper, TV and radio ads. Outdoor banners are also among the campaign.

To cover Egypt's market with the BAI goods, we deal with special distribution agents and its regional branches to assure a good circulation of our products.



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