What we sell

We produce different kinds of oil and meal to fulfill the needs of all buyers.
We do believe that our products differentiate us from our competitors and put us ahead in the manufacture of oil and meal production. 

I. Bottled oil

OMRY is considered the BAI's product number 1 in the market.
 It is a refined mixed oil with soya,cotton and Sunflower.
Sizes: 3/4L, 1L, 3L, 10L, 20L

Technical characteristic: Cholesterol free

Mixed (Blended) oil is used in several products specially frying products, cooking, pastry, salad dressing.....foods

(A)- R.B.D. Mixed(Blended) Oil Characteristics


F. F. A .%(As Oleic Acid)

0.05%           (max)

Peroxide Value.(Ml eq O2/Kg.).

0.8                 (max)

Moisture & Volatiles.

0.05%           (max)

Colour 5.25"(Lovibond scale)

1.8 R    20 Y (max)

Unsaponifiable matters

1.5%             (max)


4 ppm            (max)

Soap (As Sodium Oleate)

ZERO  ppm

Flavor & Odor.

Bland not Rancid






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