Quality is our concern
BAI staff consists of a well trained, skilled and efficient team to control and guarantee the high quality of the products and that's why all its products meet the international standards required. Hence, BAI became one of the major contributors of vegetable oil throughout Egypt and succeeded to build strong relation with a large number of buyers and dealers.

Technology used
The plant is established according to the state-of-the art technology and equipment provided by the Belgium contractor De Smet Company which was responsible for training the BAI technical staff. De Smet is considered as the pioneer company to supply plants with equipment used in the production of vegetable oil. It gained its reputation from its mutual supervision on 4000 projects in 120 countries all over the world.

Operation method:

Reception of seeds
Seeds are transferred to the plant inside trucks. On arrival, the trucks are themselves unloaded, which deliver it to cleaner. From the pre-cleaner, they are transported by elevators and chain conveyors to storage silos.

Storage of seeds

- Soybean silos: total capacity 20000M tons
- Shift Bin: capacity 390 m3
- Tempering Bins: total capacity 1100m3

Preparation for solvent extraction
- Capacity: 400M ton/ day for soybean

Meal grinding and bagging
Meal leaving the extraction plant is hammer milled to the required size and filled into woven polypropylene bags.

Meal storage
The storage capacity is approx. 2000M tons of meals in bags.

Intermediate oil storage
Capacity 200M tons for the storage of oil produced by the solvent extraction prior going to the buffer storage tanks.
Capacity 450M tons for the storage of crude oil produced by solvent extraction, or imported crude oil stored in the main storage tanks, prior going to the refinery

Oil refining
- Capacity 200M tons/day
- De-gumming / neutralization
- Bleaching
- De-waxing
- De-odorizing

Crude and fully refined oil storage tanks
Crude oil storage: Capacity 6000M tons
De-odorized oil storage: Capacity 3200M tons

Soap stock storage tank
Capacity 200 M tons.

Bottle making and filling
Capacity 10000 bottle per HR approx, 220 Ton/ day, 3 Ltr, 1 Ltr and 3/4 litr bottles manufacturing, rotary filler, capper, labelling machine, shrink- wrapping and carton sealer machine.










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