Our Technology

The facility was built using the best tools and technology supplied by the Belgian contractor De Smet Company, whom were also in charge of training the technical team at BAA. De Smet is regarded as the original supplier of machinery vegetable oil manufactures.

Operation Method

1- Reception and storage of seeds

Seeds are transferred to the plant via trucks. On arrival, the trucks are then unloaded and the seeds are delivered to cleaners. They are then transported by elevators and chain conveyors to storage silos.

2- Preparation

The first step of preparation begins with the solvent extraction. Next is the meal grinding and bagging step where the extracted plant is milled to the required size and filled into woven polypropylene bags. Then, the meal is stored. The next step is the intermediate oil storage for the storage of oil produced by the solvent extraction prior going to the buffer storage tanks. Storage of crude oil produced by solvent extraction, or imported crude oil stored in the main storage tanks, prior going to the refinery.

3- Oil refining
  • De-gumming / neutralization
  • Bleaching
  • De-waxing
  • De-odorizing
4- Storage tanks

Final products are then transferred to storage tanks. The tanks are for the storage of crude oil, de-odorized oil and soap stock. 

5- Packaging

The final step is for the final product to be taken to the packaging stage where the packaging lines include bottle manufacturing, rotary filler, capper, labeling machine, shrink-wrapping and carton sealing. In here, we have a capacity of 10000 bottles per hour!